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Josie Scyrene Lash Artistry

Done-For-You Social Media Planner

Done-For-You Social Media Planner

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Are you ready to sell a digital product without the hassle of putting it together? Then you’re in the right place! 

This Social Media Planner is completely done for you! All you have to do is purchase it, and then it’s yours to edit and resell for 100% profit! 🚀

The greatest thing about a digital product like this is that it’s not tied down to one specific niche. This product can be sold to anyone with a business that has a presence on social media. You can go viral on TikTok promoting this product and grow sales that feel never ending! 📈

You might be wondering, why is this product pink? Well, it’s the way I decided to edit mine but you can edit it however you’d like! 

This Social Media Planner covers a consistent content calendar, different post types, SWOT analysis, competitors, brand voice, and more! 

Even if you don’t want to resell it this planner will come in handy for personal use!

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