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Josie Scyrene Lash Artistry

Reel Cover Photos

Reel Cover Photos

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If your Instagram feed is lacking a brand aesthetic this product based service is for you. This service is for eyelash businesses that have established a product line. Your photos will be shot with different props, and settings in my content studio depending on the look you’re going for. These photos will upgrade your feed big time! 

How do you benefit? 
You benefit by having to do zero work besides send me your products and your branding photoshoot inspiration, and in return you get edited photos to make your feed aesthetically pleasing. I’ve already purchased the studio lights, cameras, paid for editing apps, learned editing skills, and more to take these photos so that you don’t have to!

This is different than regular product photos that I offer. Regular product photos are shot with a solid background and are usually for your website only. These photos will be shot with props, and different settings for your Instagram profile grid.

This service is 1:1. Meaning, I will only accept one brand to work with at a time. After their photos are done another spot will be available.

You can expect to receive your photos approximately 14-21 days after purchasing. Depending on your vision, certain props may have to be ordered, or made to create your desired look. 

Recommend: 50 photos for $700, originally $1,000


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